Is Sitepoint good for learning to programing?

Hello Everyone,

I am a web developer and I want to learn more about web development. Browsing about the sources I came across SitePoint. As you know they are one of the most popular website development communities. I want to join this community but I don’t know how can I get started with them. Also, I want to know a few things about this community before joining them.

Is Sitepoint good for learning to programing?

What are the best things about SitePoint (for web developers) in your opinion?

Can you use a sitepoint class to gain certification?

What is your review of SitePoint?

How is the community of SitePoint? Are they helpful?

Where can I find coupons and promos for SitePoint subscription?

I am biased because I’m part of the forum staff so I’m not sure that I’m the best person to answer your questions, but I will try.

Is Sitepoint good for learning to programing?

I would like to think that it is… and I’d say, that yes, it is.

Sitepoint, as a company, has been doing courses and books about web programming for a very long time and they have a wide and very complete list of titles published.
But if that’s not enough, they include titles from other major well known publishers.

You do get a diploma to confirm the completion when you finish each course but I don’t think that it serves as an official certification. You do not do any exams in controlled enviroments to certify that it is you and nobody else who’s taking the test.

It is very complete and I think that covers all the spectrum from novice to expert.

Nah. We’re just creepy people who hate other human beings :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
(just kidding, of course :p)

That I cannot tell. The forums are separate from the company. There’s some connection, of course, but the forums are run by volunteers.
And I confess that I don’t pay much attetion when offers start or finish because I’ve been buying stuff from Sitepoint for years.
I can tell you that there are offers on special times of the year, such as Christmas and so on.

I know there’s one right now to joint for only 3 USD for 3 months which I think it is pretty sweet


The SitePoint Premium service is a good service. If you’re looking for a specialized niche, then there may be better (for CSS/HTML, Kevin Powell has a couple great offerings), but if you’re not sure what niche interests you the most, then SitePoint is a good option.

There are books and courses on most any subject. The different Novice to Ninja books are particularly thorough, especially for beginners. Getting access to the Whiley book library is worthwhile as I’ve always found them to be great, if a little dry (but that’s true for almost any tech book :zzz:)

The courses are good as a number of them have you work as you go, but are not certification type courses, nor will they necessarily help you earn a certification in anything.

As for the community, I’d like to think we’re helpful. We have a number of community members who are passionate about helping people learn, and go above and beyond helping people with problems and to provide not only the solution but explains why the solution is appropriate, and how it applies in other situations. Add in that SitePoint HQ just integrated the community as part of Premium for the discussion points, and you’ll find content within Premium that is supported by the community as they as questions pertaining to the premium content, and the community is helping support that.