Sitemap to index Full size images and not Thumbnails

No I have not excluded any folders in .htaccess
Will search for a way to see if google can actually see “Crawl” the large images.

I have checked Highslide viewer and it sounds good. Simple, practical and light weight. Will try it on a local environment first. Thanks for the suggestion.

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The problem was solved when I used Structured Data from
Specifically ImageObject.


<div class="thumb">
  <a href="images/wallpaper.jpg">
     <img src="images/wallpaper-small.jpg" alt="wallpaper-description">


<div class="thumb" itemscope itemtype="">
  <a href="images/wallpaper.jpg" itemprop="contentUrl">
     <img src="images/wallpaper-small.jpg" alt="wallpaper-description" itemprop="thumbnail">

Large images started indexing within one day and the alt attribute for the thumbnails is now set for large images.
Also I have blocked the thumbnail images in robots.txt so that they don’t appear in Google Search Result.

Thank you everyone for your contribution :slight_smile:


Hi. Can you please tell me how exactly you did it? My posts have around 30 to 40 images and they link to the attachment pages. I want the medium and thumbnail sized image on the main post, but google isn’t indexing the original sized images. And I’ve marked the attachment pages as noindex. Please help

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