My website images are not indexing in google

My site urls are indexing in google but the images are not indexing is these are not royalty free or should i have to change something to make them unique plz tell me if someone now
my site is

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I’m not sure I understand your issue. Are you saying that you think your site should appear in a relevant Google image search? If you are using images from a stock image site, then the original site will be far more likely to show in search results. Also, Google results will tend to favour well-established, authoritative sites. As far as I can see, your site has just one article, and you’re in a very competitive niche, so it’s unlikely you you appear high up in the results, if at all.

Try Alt Tag and Desc of each Image with targeting your category of search

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It is easy to see what is indexed wit a site search. Just put:-
into the search box and you should get all the indexed pages from the site. Do the same for an Image Search and you see all the images.
On your site there are some images indexed. But perhaps what you mean is they are not ranking well.[quote=“Webdesigningcompany, post:3, topic:257386”]
Try Alt Tag and Desc of each Image

Using appropriate alt text or captions and file names, as well as placing them with relevant text content can help images rank better.


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