How Do I Get My Website Indexed In Google Images?

Please help! Our website is almost 7 years old and still has not been indexed in the Google Images search results. I launched a blog for my friend 3 months ago and its already indexed, but ours is not. Please help! The site I need help getting indexed is We have High Page rank, 1000’s of backlinks, 100’s of blog articles, and ZERO indexed Google images! We have done everything mentioned here in the forums, sitemap, robots.txt webmaster tools, etc. Nothing has worked!

This is how I currently check to see if you images are indexed in Google images…

Hey Cheri Example:

JVF Consulting has none:

Is there a particular reason that you want you images indexed?

its image its not a web… don’t worry your site is indexing by google…

Please put alt tag for your image

Of course! We want more traffic.

So do you think much more traffic will come with the image being indexed?

All of my other sites have increased dramatically with traffic from google images. I haven’t seen any traffic to this site and sensed there was a problem. Thats why I’m here trying to figure out why my images are not being indexed, not answering questions about if google images helps me with traffic or not.

Your site has fewer images?
You should insert alt tag with keyword for images, rename your images with keywords eg: web-hosting.gif
Contains much more images, build more backlinks
Dont worry, google indexing :slight_smile:

Whatever traffic you can get from images is practically useless. Who goes searching for images to find a particular subject.

If you want to show off your images open a flickr account that way you get people interested in viewing photos.

I blocked all my images with robots text, just to ensure that no one links to them causing additional load on the server and slowing down my website.

I suggest you make a Image Sitemap, XML format and submit to Google
Create a Images folder under the root dir,
and JPG round 30K loved by Google…

No need. As per Google:

If Googlebot can reach the image by normal means, forget adding it to a sitemap.

Google is smart enough to recognise that an image is an image even when it appears in a folder with a weird name. Take a look at any images you find in Google Images Search.

Rubbish. Take a look at any images you find in Google Images Search. I used this one. There are some whoppers in there.

Thanks hooperman for clearing up all the rubbish!

We have now added alt tags to our images, and I also added a bunch of images to our /images folder, then in our robots.txt added a line that says Allow: /images. If this test experiment doesn’t work, I’m going to go crazy! lol Here’s an image you can hit that’s in our /images folder… Let’s see what happens. Crossing my fingers and toes.

You don’t need to use robots.txt to grant access - the bots will find your images by default. Use robots.txt to disallow access.

Also, I think that using meaningful file names for your images helps too. Take a look at this. The search phrase is the image’s file name without the hyphens.