Sitemap for Ecommerce Store?

Hello to all,

This is Advent, junior seo analyst from Chennai. now am working for one small level eCommerce online clothing store. they have created website using magento. am creating sitemap using magento Google Sitemap, but each link on that sitemap contain WWW.****.com/index.php/tshirts.html.

what i want to know is, can i use that link as it is on SITEMAP. else can i remove index.php on it.

Thanks in Advance

Hello @Advent_Advent,

If the links are broken, it sounds like there’s a configuration issue with your Sitemap.

Personally I wouldn’t just edit the Sitemap, I’d look into why and fix the root cause. Because, Sitemaps are usually automatically updated, so even if you manually edit it, it might just revert back to the original URL formats. There are lots of options for generating Sitemaps with Magento if you do get stuck.

Good luck!

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