Removing index.php from url

I have a magento site which has index.php appended to the url you click on. I googled a lot to find the solution and i did what i could find.To clear my my doubts i uploaded htaccess file fresh copy from magento copy and made the url rewrite in configuation>system>web to yes and clear the cache too but still it put index.php in url.I have also double checked secure and unsecure link to see if it contain any index.php which it doesn’t I can do all what i can to do research and applied it but no change. What can i do or what can be wrong?

I took a look at the magento htaccess file, and it looks like it should do exactly what you want. We might need to access and troubleshoot your actual installation to find out why it isn’t working.

And how would you do that

I found the solution. it was the store scope.

Hello, you should do 301 redirection code in .htaccess then index.php URL is redirect permanently on Main URL mean Homepage.