Site quality reports

I wonder if there’s a reliable and reputable online service that tests websites for the following:

  • broken links
  • w3c validation
  • css validation
  • acessibility validation

and makes a report with the results.
This would be made on a monthly basis.

Thank you for the suggestions.

You can search in google or other search engines for website maintenance services. I am sure you will get some feasible options.

ldelgado, there are websites… however you won’t find any automated solutions that are reliable in that respect (if you want accessibility testing). Broken links, W3C validation (HTML and CSS) can be done quite quickly and easily and freely though their automated testers - which you could copy paste into a word document to form a report, accessibility is much more difficult as it requires contextual knowledge beyond what a machine can scan for. Accessibility validation is based on human perception, not code… and therefore any accessibility validator (like Cynthia) can only look for those problems which exist purely in respect to code issues - not design issues which means you’re not going to have a fully accessible website, just a very rudimentary guide to such a thing. If you want a service that does a fairly good job (even though it can’t do everything) there are two solutions I can recommend. Hope that’s helpful (neither products come cheap!) :slight_smile:

This piece of software:

And this web service:

Hi Alex.
Thank you for your suggestions, that was really helpful!