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Hi all, anyone know of a website that checks the HTML on all the pages on a website in one go please?

Have you checked out

W3C Validator Suite™ examines the public pages of an entire website and evaluates conformance with W3C open standards. It is available as an online service (SaaS) that provides:

Website crawling
HTML & CSS Validation
Internationalization checking
Real-time integrated reports


The W3C Validator Suite service has been discontinued. The service will continue to be available to current customers until February 29, 2016.

Yes. It is still online for a short while for existing users, else it needs to be installed from GitHub

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That’s a shame. Are there any others? I did go on the github site linked above - how does that help?

You can download the validator and run it on your own server

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You can consider GTmertrix or W3C validator.

Does that have an HTML validator? I didn’t see one listed anywhere - just various performance-related tools.

Here are 14 tools for validating your HTML -

Hope this will help you.

Do any of those tools meet the OPs requires of checking the whole site at once? I didn’t see any, but perhaps I missed something.

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Please remember the OP is looking for something to validate the HTML of an entire site. Please confine suggestions to tools which actually meet the requirements.

Thanks Technobear.

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