Site not showing on Internet Explorer


We have 2 websites built the same way.

1 website shows up in Internet Explorer (all versions).

The other website only shows in Internet Explorer 9 and 11.

Any ideas. As I say the sites are built in the same way (just HTML and CSS)


What exactly happens on other versions of IE?

the page does not load at all. The error message is the one for a site that is not online.

Sounds very unusual, for as much as people knock older versions of IE, they’ll usually display something. Can you post some of the code up, particularly the <head> section?

Have you checked your site in the validator ?

Just tried the validator - there are quite a few errors.

Checked another well established site (not mine) and they have errors too.

Should there be zero errors? Do errors affect appearance in browser(s)? Do errors affect ranking in Google?


Ideally, yes.

It depends on the error. If the site is not displaying correctly, then the first thing to fix would be any errors.

So which versions is it not showing in?
8 & 10?
Would seem odd that it works in 9 then.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m finding hits from anything earlier than 10 are extremely rare these days, so don’t worry too much about them now. And 10 is not exactly common.

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OK - I will look into the errors. Thanks for the link to the site checker.

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