My site may have been hacked

I just now got this warning

Social engineering content detected on domain

To: Webmaster of domain,

Google’s Safe Browsing systems have detected that some pages on your site might be hacked or might include third party resources such as ads that are designed to trick users into installing malicious software or giving up sensitive information. To protect your site’s visitors, affected pages have been demoted in Google’s search results, and browsers such as Google Chrome now display a warning when users visit your site. You can see which pages might be affected in the Security Issues report.

Well, then I would look at your Security Issues report in your google… search… dashboard. I’m inventing that term.

Go see what pages they think have violated the Safe Browsing system.

Ive 1500 pages so in big trouble

If all 1500 pages show up on the Security Issues report, yes, yes you do. And at that point, i’d be looking for what you share between pages, rather than looking at individual pages themselves.

Also… 1500 pages? That’s quite a lot of individual pages for a website.

ya & now im in big trouble

If your site has been hacked, then you need to take steps to rectify that immediately.

There is a helpful guide here:

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