Site and Concept Review

Please take a look at and let us know what you think of the concept and our website

Bid Discover was built with the intentions of giving our members a chance to find NEW items at a large discount. Members buy bids (cost $1/bid) then use these bids on items they are interested in buying. Every time they use a bid on an item the price decreases by $1. A member may choose at any time to exercise the BUY NOW option and purchase that item for that cost. There are not time limits to our auctions and nothing resets like penny auction websites. We have no bots or automated software for bidding. Our Profits are built in to the starting price so there is no need for us to alter the auctions in anyway.

Members need to use their Bids in order to see the BUYNOW price. Once their it is up to that member whether or not they are interested in buying that item at the BUYNOW price or not. USed wisely members should not use more then 5-10 bids per item and see a significant decrease in the items they are interested in,

Thanks in advance for your time!

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Isn’t it a bit late to review the concept since the website has already been built?

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just want some feedback onit is all

My first thought on that description is that it is effectively a form of gambling; one person wins what other people have lost. Are you sure you comply with relevant laws in this area?

As far as the site goes, I think you need an explanation of what it is and how it works much more clearly placed. The slideshow goes by too quickly to read and digest the relevant slide, and there’s no mechanism to pause or manually move through the slides. Although there is a link to an explanation at the bottom of the page, I think it needs to be more prominently placed on the main navigation bar.

And if you want to appeal to search engines, then at the very least, you need to add meta descriptions and titles to your pages.

Members at any time can buy the item they have just bid on. There are no restrictions to that. They may just want to wait a little longer to see if the price will go down further. Its the reverse of all the penny auction sites out there. Instead of bidding every 10 seconds here you will bid every 15-60 minutes to see where the price of the item is at that time.

also u can stop the scroll by hovering over it

Hi, a few points below:

I agree with TechnoBear that you need to explain more about the site.
You could use the area currently occupied by the slideshow (by the way, this looks a bit like advertisement at the moment and users might instinctively ignore it…)

I would avoid the hovering effect over the products, you can give those details later, after the user selects one.
It also doesn’t work for users on a tablet or mobile phone.

I would eliminate all the social icons next to each product (on the homepage). Again, you can show them after the product has been selected.

Try to avoid drop-down menus. If you really have to use them (e.g Categories on the main navigation), please clearly indicate they are menus with an arrow or similar. Also please avoid double drop-down menus…

I hope this helps.

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