Single Facebook App With Multiple Domains

I’m currently setting up a Facebook app to enable Facebook single sign-in across several sites. All the sites are essentially the same ecommerce store. The only difference is the language changes. Each store is located at different domain based on domain. I was wondering whether it is possible to support all the stores under a single Facebook app. I’ve tried using wild cards but that was rejected as an invalid domain. I really don’t want to set-up each store front as a separate Facebook app for obvious reasons.

I don’t see why it isn’t possible. In the worst case scenario (maybe due to FB restrictions) you can creete the application as just one store with the particularity that this store grabs its products from other stores

I don’t have a whole lot of experience here, but it seems like you’ll need multiple apps. If you think about it, it makes sense from a security standpoint on their side. They don’t want you requesting permissions for one thing, then selling it to a 1000 spammers on different domains after you’re approved.

I figured it out. The trick is to specify multiple app domains and use a comma separated list of valid URL’s for the website URL configuration.

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