How in facebook business' Facebook Page to add website domain?

Following this article
I created business’ Facebook Page, but I got error message :

Before publishing, you must add at least one website domain where you would like the Chat Plugin to appear.

I did not find where I can add at website domain ?
I found this article ,

  1. But I did not find Business Settings button in the upper right corner or something similar that.
    Can it be that I have some misconfiguring in my settings ?
    Also I use my common Facebook account. Can it be that I need some kind of corporative Facebook account ?

  2. Also I clicked “Start chart” button in left bottom corner but I failed to help help
    from support as I expected :

  3. Where can I get help from official facebook as for business’ Facebook Page


Did you tap on the blue Set Up button in your screenshot? If so, which step do you have difficulty with?


How do I add a area to my Facebook commercial enterprise page?
Step 1 - Adding your area to Facebook Business Manager

Open Facebook Business Manager (sometimes proven as Meta Business Suite). Click on Business Settings. Click on Brand Safety in the left facet panel and then select Domains. Click on Add and enter your area in the pop-up.