Simply Rails 2 ch. 9 Partial not rendering correctly

Hello There !

In Chapter 9, for the section “Promoting Popular Stories”, there’s a partial, which isn’t rendering correctly. more precisely the _story.html.erb partial.

Here’s my code:

<% div_for(story) do %>
  <h3><%= link_to, story %></h3>
    Submitted by: <%= story.user.login %> |
    Score: <%= story.votes_count %>
<% end %>

My browser won’t display the contents of the <p> tag. In other words, I can only see the Link.

I’ve already compared my code against the code bundle that’s in the book’s site. and they’re about the same. (I mean exactly the same)

Could somebody please tell what’s the most likely error here?

Thanks in advance !

Best Regards,