Simple javascript not running in Firefox, Safari, IE?

Hello all,

The site in question is: Classic Car Gallery the beginnings of a responsive web site.

I have a simple Javascript:

  	$(document).ready(function() {
        // fade in content.

The script works well in Chrome, the image “Coming Soon” with the class ‘.coming_soon’ fading in nicely. Unfortunately it does not work at all in Firefox, Safari, and IE! I know I must be missing something simple.

Any help, guidance or code would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Is it that the web browser doesn’t perform a fade because the image is already visible?


I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I’ve moved the script to the head section and still not working. Why would it work in Chrome, but not Firefox? I don’t think there is a error in my code, but apparently there is!

Because they are made by different companies and use different rendering engines.

The problem occurs because you are trying to fade in something that is already fully visible.

Hide it before you fade it in, and it will then work as you expect.