Having trouble with fade in

Hi all,

I have created the following page http://kylehouston.com/new/index_new.html

I have used JQuery to add animated load icon followed by my images fading in, the load works fine and the images appear but the problem is the fade in wont work.

I have tried a few methods to try and get them to fade including adding spans round my images but the only thing that seems to work for me is setting all divs to fade in which I dont want to happen.

Anyone got any advice?

Thanks in advance!


hey, anyone have any ideas were im going wrong with this one?


instead of this:


try this code:

$("span a").hide().fadeIn('slow'); 

span is inline element so it does not fadein well here. You can run fade on div.image_container as well, whatever suit you better.
And you need hide() before fadeIn if you don’t have display: none in your css for that element you want to fadeIn.

Thanks so much igv!!!

Iv been trying lots of different things today, but hadnt added the .hide() so none of them were gonna work. Thanks!

You are very welcome!