Simple, clean, pure HTML (no css) layout examples wanted

We’d like to find simple, clean, html-only ‘home page’ templates/examples (no css). Preferably with simple header/footer layout via tables.

This is for study and teaching purposes.

Any web links or live pages ?


if you go to yahoo geocities and look at some of the amateur homepages, most of them are just basic html based pages without any CSS or javascript…since most of those sites are made from the html pagebuilder provided by geocities…

I’m looking for good, clean, elegant examples preferably including tables. Specific sites or links please.

Aren’t those mutually exclusive? :slight_smile:

Good, clean and elegant, but no CSS and preferably including tables? It’s like asking for a 200kg 4ft supermodel.

This is not a thread about css. There is a purpose to our thread creation, please keep on topic. Thanks.

It’s going to be difficult to find any site with absolutely no CSS. The BBC website uses tables for layout, but still uses CSS to style text.

Simple, clean and HTML only…

Good luck finding one of those.

It’s impossible to keep the thread on its original topic because by not using CSS your template gets dirty fast. It’s one thing to use a simple table for structure, but another completely to ask for no CSS at all, not even for text styling. Font tags are the height of ugliness in web design.

<table border="1" width="100%">
 	<tr><td>...header information...</td></tr>
 	<tr><td>...footer information...</td></tr>
 	<tr><td>...first row of block one data...</td></tr>
 	<tr><td>...first row of block two data...</td></tr>

Sorry but you did ask for the above. :lol:

I’m disappointed that people are not carefully reading the original post.

Sitepoint has become noisy just as usenet eventually did. Too bad…

I consider this thread closed.

I’m sorry to say that, regardless of your intentions, I’m glad to hear it. Maybe you’re better off creating a CSS-less example yourself as you won’t find too many floating around the web.

[i]This is very difficult to find these days…

You can try tutorial sites, maybe… they may have a few examples of strictly html pages.[/i]

this might help

I didnt check the source code for each layout. I did see some JS but no css in the one or two I glanced over.

Since this is for teaching purposes, as Egor suggested, why not build it yourself. Using dreamweaver, or some other WYSIWYG editor, build your page, (try to) make it look elegant, and show whoever you want to show this page. Designing this should not take too long. But, elegant without using css… :confused:
Good luck to you.