Basic simple design templates?

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have any examples of simple clean designs - using one or two colours, subtle graphics and text effects?


Why don’t you try to go for online options? I am sure It will be help it out that what are you exactly looking for? There must be plenty of templates that you will get and easily work on it through that templates? Hope this information will help you a lot.

It’s a good idea to bookmark sites you like under various categories as you find them for later reference / inspiration. But also, my advice to you is to focus on content first—its organization and layout, and let design grow from that. There are far too many based on a design into which content is forced any way it will fit—whether appropriate or not.

Hi ralph, This is annahussy. Can you suggest me some bookmarking sites so that it can be better job to implement it through our site? Hope You will be help it out for me as well.

Find site you like. There are lots of sites that showcase other websites for inspiration, too.

there are many websites which provides css templates for free which will allow you to change the colors using a css. please google it and you will find it.