Show Us Your . . . . . Taskbar

I used to have my taskbar at the bottom of my screen (the default location), but after reading a thread a few years ago about where people had theirs, I tried docking it at the top and liked it there a lot better - most of my “clicking” involved browsers where the toolbars where at the top, so there was a lot less vertical movement having it there.

Not considering how many shortcut icons I currently have on my desktop (31), I try to keep my taskbar relatively clutter free and have shortcuts for what I most frequently use there.

I may be giving myself away as to what my primary interests are, but do you recognize any, all?
* note, this is with all apps closed, these are in the taskbay always.

Dare to show yours?


I have no Taskbar to show. Being primarily a Mac user I apply a simple ‘swipe’ motion, type the first few characters of the name of the application I want and hit RETURN.

{When I am [forced to] use a Windows machine, I am a minimalist and the Taskbar has only Chrome}

Mine is pretty minimal too

And as for my Desktop, I don’t have anything on it. No icons, no files, no folders, nothing. I use SlickRun to launch most of the applications I want to run.

It’s ok to be jealous.


The work one…

The work one. I typically have most of my often used programs in my taskbar, and have my desktop empty. The work laptop has a few desktop icons (5? I think without looking) for work-related stuff I don’t use but are stuck there by IT and I didn’t bother to remove. My home desktop typically has just a recycle bin icon and about the same # of taskbar icons, and my Macbook Air has desktop icons.

No application launchers populate my taskbar. Instead often used apps are hotkeyed(Super+W for browser, Super+E for editor, Super+T for terminal, etc.) All applications can be launched from the hierarchical right-click menu.

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I tidy things up every once in a while, but then the clutter starts all over again. :blush:

Pretty boring, but here you go…

Crowded, just like my desk. (Not the computer desk, that I never see. Then there are hotkeys… :blush:

I’ll show you my browser bars too:

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And the home laptop…

Not really, I find that you have 2 Chrome shortcuts intriguing

@RyanReese @Erik_J lol ever hear of Feng shui ?

Give us the tl;dr please :slight_smile: . I’m very busy at work doing stuff and all that jazz cough yep…

Yeah. That’s a real quirky artifact that I can’t figure out. Clicking on the first one creates the second. It’s the only short cut that acts like that.

My version.
The state of your surroundings affects your “spirit” eg.
adequate empty space and symmetry = peace and tranquility
excessive clutter = agitation and confusion

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Hmmm. a shortcut to a shortcut. That would drive me buggy

It did for a while…now I’m just numb to it.

Try the following:

  1. While you have both available, delete the one that does not have that border around it
  2. Right click on the one that has the border and choose Pin to Taskbar
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Mine’s done this before once or twice and that was my fix.


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