Should I redirect my article to a new page or just change my page title and content?


I have a review page for a specific product with the following url:

I have found out that “product model review” receives a good number of searches and has far less competition that “product review”. Writing “product model review” article requires a little change on product-review article (by changing the title to “product model review” and adding a bit of content).

Should I redirect the original product-review page to a new product-model-review page, or just change the original page title and content?

P.N: Having two different URLs for this is not an option.


You can’t know the answer for sure without actually testing it. But I would suggest that you change the title of the existing article to “product model review”, and leave it at that. That way, you should rank higher for “product model review” without hurting your ranking for “product review”. Give it a try, and monitor the results.


I both option are goods but i think redirecting your article would be better option because if you change your title, there might be chance that you loose you ranking.

I agree with Mike here. Try testing the waters first before you jump into a conclusion. About the new content that you were talking about, why not create a new page for it? Well, given that the new content isn’t a derivative of the first. That way, you can take advantage of a new keyword.