Should Headings be bold?

Hi there,

I am putting together a layout and can’t decide if the headers (h1-h4) should be bold or not. I guess it is down to personal preference, but wondered if there really is a right or wrong?

I seem to be switching between the two - I change them all to bold and think I like them, then change them to light and like those also, so can’t decide!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what they should be, or is it really down to personal preference?


Headings don’t have to be bold or indeed any pre determined size or style.

They should fit in with the design in the way that is most suitable.

Generally though you would want headings to stand out in some way so that users can scan the document easily but how you achieve that is entirely up to you.

However remember that heading tags must be in logical order as html semantics have nothing to do with styling.


Thanks, that makes sense. I am making the headings larger, but just not sure about the boldness.

Out of interest, which would you choose between these:


The non bold would be my choice. :slight_smile:

If you wanted it a tiny bit darker then a touch of text shadow might be an option.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess I could make it a bit darker

Non bold for me. With this particular font-face, bold looks too bulky and it gets too much attention. Ironic, considering that you do want the main title to grab most of the attention. But this is a bit too much.

Yes Heading should be bold. Because any Article or any type of content heading will be always bold the reason is heading is mainly written for viewers purpose. If your heading is bold than reader should be attract to your content. Bold heading is eye catching also so i on that basis heading should be bold.

I don’t like bold heading in the samples you attached.

I like the non bold better too, for this font. It looks clunky in bold.

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hi everyone,
for my part I am rather on the side of the bold team. I find it emphasizes better what you want to put forward. Actually it depends on the type of bold you want to put.