Shopping cart for deal of the day

I’ve tried a bunch of carts but I’ve always been focused on the features for downloadable goods so now I feel like I’m starting from scratch.

I am opening a store that will feature one item with limited inventory for a limited time. (For instance, it will be available for a day or until it sells out, whichever comes first… a lot like Does anyone know of a cart that will allow you to set up an item to show up at a certain date and time and then be pulled at a certain date and time? Also, the ability to set discounts that become effective at a certain date and time?

Thanks for any suggestions…

you can do this using osCommece, set special product and set until date for discount (you may need extra coding to suit your needs)

Thanks for the suggestion. Does anyone have any other ideas?

In playing around with magento it appears I could do this with it, but that may be an enterprise feature.

I have an Ajax real-time auction module for osCommerce which allows for scheduling of special / new / featured products through admin. The ticking clock in front of you and the other bids submitted by other parties, adds more excitement to the game. The product is added to the auction winners shopping cart who is notified by email. Very similiar to ebay.

Thanks for the suggestion