Shopping cart dilemma at the 11th hour!

Hi all… I purchased a shopping cart a while back because I was impressed with it, but now at the 11th hour, I’m discovering all these bugs that should not exist. I’m using Joomla for my CMS and had the developer create a user integration for this cart (register, sign in, sign out) as well as template matching. I also want to use Webgility eCC for quickbooks/endicia integration. The following are the shopping carts supported by eCC and thus constitute my choices:

  • Avactis
  • CRE Loaded
  • CS-Cart
  • Cube Cart
  • Pinnacle Cart
  • X-Cart
  1. Which of these carts is easiest/least problematic to create an integration for Joomla? As well as matching the template with the Joomla site?

  2. Which cart has the most robust shipping configuration? For example, the ability to offer realtime Fedex or USPS rates based on weight or subtotal ranges…?

I have to get a new solution and QUICK!

CScart / Xcart are both Smarty based, so it is not an option for integration with Joomla.

I tried Magento and while I liked the way it works in the backend with product creation and config settings, creating a layout for the front end was impossible for me. I was 100% helpless and what I did find out about how it’s done sent me running for the hills. Magento is crap in my eyes.

With regard to smarty templates, the current shopping cart uses them and the developer integrated (visually) without much issue. So smarty templates is not something that prohibits visual (template) joomla integration…

Jonathon, I liked your website. It sounds like you might be the guy I need to save us…