Share Your Wi-Fi Router Names - Let's Have Some Fun!

Hello, wonderful community members!

We all know that Wi-Fi routers come with default, boring names like “Netgear_123” or “Linksys.” But who says we can’t inject a little personality and creativity into our networks? That’s why I’m here to ask you: What is the name of your Wi-Fi router?

Wi-Fi router names can be a fascinating reflection of our interests, humor, and uniqueness. Whether you’ve chosen a funny, clever, movie-inspired, animal-themed, or simply an epic name for your router, we want to hear about it! Sharing your Wi-Fi router name can be a fun way to connect with fellow community members and perhaps inspire others to get creative with their own network names.

So, let’s get this Wi-Fi party started! Please reply to this thread with the name of your Wi-Fi router, and if you’d like, share the story or inspiration behind your choice. Whether it’s a punny name, a nod to your favorite movie, clever wordplay, or something completely unexpected, we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

Remember, let’s keep it friendly and fun! And if you’re feeling a bit shy about revealing your Wi-Fi router’s name, don’t worry; you can always participate by commenting on others’ creative choices.

Let’s celebrate the diversity of our community by sharing our unique Wi-Fi router names. Who knows, you might discover some brilliant ideas for your next network name makeover!

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Share away! :signal_strength::closed_lock_with_key::smile:

Warm regards,
Shoaib Raza

Mine is called PandarasBox, as I sometimes think this entire internet business is a pandora’s box that might have been better left shut.

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Mine is “FBI Mobile 7872”. Just to make neighborhood snoops think twice. :wink:


We had this conversation when we moved into our new house a couple years ago.

Me: “What do we want to call the router?”
My Wife: “I don’t care… make up something.”
Me: typing “IDontCare”

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I just keep it simple and use my name for the primary wlan.

For my guest network, it’s

My PC is named that. Because whatever you do, do not open the box.

(Side fun fact: It wasnt a box. That’s a mistranslation. Pandora actually was given something like a large greek jar (a pithos).)

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Mine is VirusWarning, just to make some less savvy people think twice about trying to crack in.

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Now I’m really having fun …


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