Setting root password for MySQL on macOSX 10.4

I have a similar problem to a thread of someones elses but I didn’t understand the answer and it was nearly 3 years old so I’ll see if there have been any new ideas…

I have started the Build your own Database driven websites book, everything went fine up to page 23, skipped to page 44 for Post Installation set up tasks.

When opening a new Terminal window (for ‘msqladmin -u root status’)
I have the following:

-bash: export: `/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin’: not a valid identifier
unknown-00-19-e3-da-34-ea:~ me$

so when ‘msqladmin -u root status’ is typed I get this:
-bash: msqladmin: command not found
unknown-00-19-e3-da-34-ea:~ me$

Does anyone know what is wrong here?
Your help will be greatly appreciated!

:confused: :slight_smile: