Set a root password mysql in MAMP

Hi, everyone I’m new here I’m learning php from a book called developing applications with php and mysql the book is very clear, but I could not change the root password mysql in MAMP someone can give me a complete toturial on how I do.
I have a IMAC OSX 10.9.2 2013 last sofware.
I followed all the directions of the book but I could not hope someone can help me step by step: Mad:

I’ve never used MAMP, does it have PHPMyAdmin available? If it does it’ll probably be easier to change the root password via that

Hello thank you for having responded to me I PHPMYADMIN available only if you change the password I am told by them MAMP MAMP error can not turn on because it also needs to know what is the new password.

Look in PHPMyAdmin’s folder for a file called "’, in that file you’ll need to change the value for the password to match what you’ve just changed it to

I’ve done it now gives me the error 1045 when I try to log in on phpadmin denied what should I do?

The original password for the root user is root, have you tried that?

Bring up a terminal window and it should have installed the relevant mysql binaries so you can run:

mysqladmin -u root -p password <my_new_password>

enter the old password (which from above seems to be root) when it asks you. Replace <my_new_password> with what you want the password to be.