Hello everyone,

Complete newby, here. I recently have become interested in exploring and learning web design as an eventual career. I have a Fashion Design degree from the Art Institutes, and was a hairstylist for way too many years :). I feel like this career would come natural to me as I was always very personable with my clients and gathered a large following based on my work. Time to move into a new, more modern medium.

I realized while doing my fashion design program that I actually loved the graphic layout part of it. Mood boards, color palettes, and illustrations were what I truly enjoyed. I even had one instructor say I missed my calling as a graphics artist.

Anyway, sorry to babble, but I wanted to ask if anyone had experience or knows a graduate from online certificates. I want to complete an Advanced Certificate in Web Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. Their program seems legit, and affordable, with the added ability to work on my own time. I have a full time job, and the classroom is not my favorite place to be, if you know what I mean. I learn best one on one with an instructor, so this set up is most appealing to me.

Any info you have on this institution would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

I feel that “Graphic Designer” sounds better than “Web Designer”. Most of the Web Developers today can do a great job at “Web Design” but not at the “Graphic” department… like the icons or logos or button images…things in that nature. Also, there are many tools available today that alleviates “web design” aspect when you look at commercially/freely available CMS. There are some tools that creates great visuals as well like Ext JS 3.3 Examples

So, in my opinion you should either aim as a “Web Developer” or “Graphic Designer” for the long run. Of course, this is just my opinion and if you really want to be “Web Designer”, go for it!

If I were you I would ignore ALL Web Design related certification. No one will recognise it, it’ll cost more money than it will ever be worth and it’s all stuff that you could teach yourself at a far faster rate. These programs are a complete waste of money and should be avoided at all costs.

Contrary to popular belief, as you already have a degree in a creative subject you could probably walk into most Web Design jobs if you have the skills and a sufficient portfolio of websites.