I am a student, where is the best place for a aspiring website designer to go

I have done a semester and a half of college and have taken 1 web design class where I learned the basics of HTML code. After my 4th semester and 2nd year here I want to leave this school. I cannot find any other college that I can get into due to the ACT and SAT requirements so I am thinking the best choice is to go into trade school. Will a trade school certificate be worth the same as a college degree in the job market when it comes to website design? I could use a push in the right direction when making my next decision.

Hi there! I’m not sure if this helps or not, but if you’re open to learning via methods outside a formal classroom then there are tons of great resources available online. I began my web design/development journey about two months ago through Skillcrush, an online company that allows you to learn at your pace and on your own schedule. You have the option to select specific development and design courses or you can do what I’m doing and enroll in their Break Into Tech program which allows you to learn both skill sets. What I love about it is that their courses are project based (ie, you’ll build a portfolio) and you have access to instructors via email, Slack channels and Zoom Q&A sessions in case you get stuck or need help working through something. Furthermore, BIT students have access to unlimited monthly career counseling and there is a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so it’s virtually risk free. Here’s their website if you want to learn more: www.skillcrush.com.

Another option would be to look at some courses on www.udemy.com. I personally have found them to be a fantastic supplement to my Skillcrush coursework (I had zero background in Adobe Creative Cloud products prior to enrolling so decided to take an additional class through Udemy to learn the software and set me up for success).

Not sure if this helps any but thought I’d share as they’ve worked beautifully for me. Best of luck in your learning journey! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help :grin:


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You want a push. Here is a question. Are you an engineer or designer.

First off, welcome to the forum!

Second, if you’re going to learn how to be a web designer, you’re more than likely gonna need to learn more than HTML basics. You’ll need to learn CSS, JavaScript and possibly some PHP. Not saying you haven’t learned this already, just pointing this out there for others to see if other inspiring designers like yourself are interested in learning more about web design.

I myself went to college and took a couple of classes in web design. I learned the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (though my knowledge of JS is pretty rusty now). While I never graduated with a degree in web design (I chose ITS instead), I landed a job developing and maintaining websites.

I’ve never been to a trade school though that may be a possibility for you. One of the best ways to learn web design is by taking courses online outside of a college environment. Like @tianajphillips said, that can be Skillcrush or Udemy. There’s also Codecademy which is free if that spikes your interest.

You can also come here if you have other questions about a specific project you are working on. This forum is loaded with people who have lots of experience in web development. You’ve come to the right place!

I wish you the best of luck as you continue on your journey to become a web designer!

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These are helpful resources, I will be sure to check them out before my second sophomore semester. I apologize for the delayed response. I honestly began to lose hope after going about a week without a response so I have not checked until now.

Thank you, your story along with the outcome of others that I have researched gives me hope for my future. I will definitely do my best to use the resources that I have been given here to learn important information. And if I do run into any technical problems I will use this forum to learn from it.


One of the problems with your question is that this is an international forum, and you haven’t said where you live. smile Advice might differ depending on whether you are in New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, UK, India …

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