Server v. Client

I want to upload my files to a server provided by a company.

Do I need FileZilla Server or Client?


Short answer: Both.
Long answer: you will need to provide more information about your current setup, including OS, software on server, network, etc.

From your previous threads, I gather you have bought a shared hosting account somewhere, so the answer is simple: client. (It doesn’t have to be Filezilla, but that’s a very popular FTP client.)

When I built my first site, the scariest thing was uploading the files. I’d read several books about how to build the site, and none of them mentioned what to do with it when I’d built it. (: I remember having a vague sense that I’d somehow destroy the entire internet if I uploaded the files to the wrong place. :eek:

So it was you in the summer of '99!!!

I haven’t bought anything yet. Everything was really theoretical. I won’t be hosting my own server on my own computer…that would be too much. Say I buy a Host Gator account (w/ free storage). Then I would need the client one, right?


Yep. For uploading files to your host’s server (whether it’s Host Gator or whoever), you need the client.

Let’s play post tag. Check my true/false. :smiley:

So then I assume that server version is for people with their own server?

Edit: I was confused because in the download, the server version had the caption

Choose this if you want to share files with others


Yes, I was going to quote the bit from the download site, then I realised it’s clear to me because I already know which is which. I can see how it could be confusing otherwise. I think

Choose this if you want to share files with others
means “if you want to make files available for others to download”.

BTW: Windows (and Mac) includes an FTP client (and has since Windows 3.1). It is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool but can provide all you need to upload files to a server.


Really? Is it better than Filezilla? Easier to use?

I’m not good with Command Line, by the way.


If you know ALL of the actual FTP commands then it is usable. If you don’t know all the commands then it is far easier to use a graphical FTP program that generates the individual commands for you. Filezilla actually shows all of the actual FTP commands that your actions generate in the top part of the window so you’ll be able to see all the different commands each single action on your part generates. If you were to reproduce those in the command line FTP program then you’d achieve the same result but involving a lot more typing.

Yeah. I think I’ll stick to Filezilla. I just booted it up and it worked, so that’s all I can ask for.


Stick with filezilla for now. Once you have your site uploaded you can explore other options that you may want to use in the future. Filezilla will also help you learn the FTP commands as you go along with the process. GUI programs are more popular but if you want to expand your knowledge and skills then Filezilla can help you with that.