Uploading & Managing Files to Webserver

I have a Virtual Private Server and am wondering what is the best way to upload files to the VPS and then manage them.

What do you guys use?

My VPS is on Linux.



I typically use FileZilla and SFTP, or the server’s control panel (typically cPanel) if I have to move stuff or zip/unzip files.

If I get a new VPS with cPanel installed, then you are saying I could upload and manage files directly with cPanel?

Would that be over a “secure” connection?

What are the benefits of using FiIeZilla instead for uploading files and managing files and folders?

Is FileZilla more or less secure?



FilleZilla, WinSCP, either are perfectly fine, they are just as secure as any other FTP/SCP program out there. The security is through which protocol you use. SFTP, SCP, FTP, etc.

I personally use SCP (Secure Copy) which is SSH based, so unless you have Shell access, it won’t be an option. The thing I like about that process, is I can use a public/private key instead of a password. You can read more about that at http://winscp.net/eng/docs/guides

I would as well recommend WinSCP, if it’s only about managing files on your server. If you don’t have shell access, I’d rather go with FileZilla and use (s)FTP.