Separating Divs

I am having some css issues with separating divs. On some pages, I am able to do a line break between divs, but on some pages I am not able to do that and I am not sure why this is happening. I have set the width of all the divs that I am using. I have a 3 colum layout with some links boxes on the sides and on a particular page that I have…the links boxes are stuck together, and I can’t seem to separate them with a line break. What causes this?

Welcome to Sitepoint, Meastman
Its hard to tell w/o seeing ALL your code. By default tho, DIVs are block elements, this means they cause a line break between each other. However you can stop this from happening by using display:inline or inline-block.

Most likely you have given the DIV float:left or float:right causing them to sit next each other until on e of them cant fit width wise and that one appears to “wrap down” after a line break