DIV Breaking

For lack of better words, my DIV keeps breaking. In the meantime, I’ve temporarily placed all of these ridiculous spacer codes


in order to prevent the break from occurring. I know, however, that these spacers aren’t suitable, as they don’t align properly in IE.

I’m not sure why my DIV keeps doing this, but my best guess is that something is missing in my code. Would anyone care to take a look? I would truly appreciate it!


Why don’t you simply place each line in it’s own block element? <div></div>

Or if you don’t want to go that route you could just add <br /> to create a new line.

Yes, it’s when I add the line breaks


that the div itself breaks.

However, I have not yet tried the div’s as Block elements. I’ll give it a go…

What do you mean they break the div? Sorry, not understanding here. (:

…no luck with the block elements. There’s something else wrong with my code I believe

Hi, what exactly is breaking and where once you remove those spaces?

Here is an image showing what’s happening:

This is happening for my Content Div


Every 2 minutes when I refresh it keeps being new code.

Make hte page as broken as you can and LEAVE IT :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean. I haven’t updated the site at all today.

Then somethings going wrong at my end :-/. Sorry about that… This is the 2nd time today.

Either wa, can you please remove all the &nbps;s and break the page for us to fix :slight_smile:

Yes, of course. Here it is:


Hi, you try and float “.mike” so it tries to shrinkwrap to the smallest amount of width possible :). Just remove the float

That works perfectly. Thanks so much! You rock :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :).