SEO Web Ranking become OUTDATED soon?

I recently came across this interesting article:

"As more and more people search via personal assistants, and with personal assistants
trying to deliver answers directly in their interface, we’ll see an increasing number of searches that COMPLETELY BYPASS web search rankings.

If you’ve been on the fence about building an app, you should re-evaluate that decision, with a focus on apps being the way they can integrate into Intelligent Personal Assistants. "

What do you think?

IMHO in 5 years from now, most of the websites will become only databases of products, and all the searches and process of buying will be only between Apps.

That’s the core of the problem: will seo rankin on google become useless?

So, how to rank in google’s apps in this new scenario and become the ONLY ONE result that PIA will display to the user?

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I think you mean API don’t you?

True, an app can have an API (as can a website) but AFAIK IPAs (Intelligent Personal Assistants) work with APIs not apps per se.,

it’s a quote of the article.

it seems that IPA will direct more on the apps as the answers of the user’s search than on the content

Interesting topic. Whatever the future, it’s never been a good idea to rely on random search traffic. Marketing is way bigger than getting a few lucky strikes from someone’s private search engine. We tend to forget that is just a single website run by a private company for its own purposes. It’s not the Internet.


If anything, I think SEO will be even bigger and people will obsess even more about it. Because now, finally, they will be creating all their content for a robot! :slight_smile:

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