How can I measure PR?

How can I get reliable software to measure the page rank of different websites? What is that name? Please help me…

The short answer is - you can’t. Google is the only one who knows what PR a page has, and they ceased issuing public updates a long time ago.

Other sites and tools may claim to tell you, but the information will either be out-of-date, or just guesswork.


Of course YOU CAN’T…

…and you DONT NEED IT!

High “supposed” PR doesnt mean that your site will receive a tons of traffic.

A lot of expired domains from years have high pr yet…

Focus on the real traffic.

I presume you mean by this that sites which purport to show PR still show results for domains which have long-since expired (demonstrating how out-of-date these results are).

As PR is calculated per page, it cannot exist on an expired domain which no longer has any content.

I know a lot of SEO freelancers that are trying to repackage their SEO plans since Google dropped PR and changed their algorithm to no longer place so much weight on backlinks. Now it is all about relevant content that best matches the search queries. Also I had a few domains that were PR 3 to 5, but the only thing that helped with was advertising, because people wanted a dofollow link to get the link juice.

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