Duplicate content on mobile site

Hi all,
I am trying to do the SEO of my site myself and using SEMRUSH a little.

My question is SEMRUSH is saying I have a lot of duplicate content and meta tag description, title etc. The sites they are talking about is a Mobile Version of the original done in JQuery.

Do mobile versions need to be totally different to the desktop site?

When optimizing do I need to do both the mobile and desktop version seperatly?

Thanks for any help.
I am pretty new to this stuff but getting there.

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There may be others that will know better than myself as I opt for a responsive design where the content adapts according to the device, hence there only being 1 version of website.

The answer to your question is no, they do no not need to be different, most people that have separate mobile sites will be serving a scaled down version of the full site…

I also choose RWD over separate mobile versions, so have not had to deal with this problem. But one thing that may help is using canonical URLs on your pages to let crawlers know it is another version of the same page.


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