Sending ICalendar notification with Rails ActionMailer

I a using Rails 5 (but that should be irrelevant) and need to generate and send an email message that contains an ‘icalendar’ (ics) notification.

I discovered the gem icalendar and am using that to generate the ‘.ics’

In my simple setup I created this method

def create_calendar_event
      cal =
      cal.event do |e|
        e.dtstart ='20160511')
        e.dtend ='20160511')
        e.summary = "Summary"
        e.description = "Description"
        e.ip_class = "PRIVATE"

And in app/mailers/user_mailer.rb which is inherited from ApplicationMailer I have this call

def notification_email(user, ical, summary)
     @user = user
     mail.attachments['slackminder.ics'] = { mime_type: 'application/ics', content: ical.to_ical }
     mail(to:, subject: "Slack [re]Minder for #{summary}" )

Armed with the appropriate mailer ‘views’ I do receive the email message but the attached ics is malformed in some way.

Are there some good tools for troubleshooting this?
Does anyone have experience with this to share and help me?

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