Calendar Formats

I am hoping this is an appropriate place for this question. I am trying to find some basic information (beginner level) on using .ics files as links (Add to my calendar) to add events to calendars. Specifically, I am trying to understand the individual properties (like DTSTAMP, DTSTART), timezone, locale and recurring events issues and most importantly how an application like Outlook differs from Entourage and so on. I understand that it is a simple text file but are there specific properties for individual email or browser applications. I have tried to download example .ics files and figure out the properties (like RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;BYMONTH=11;BYDAY=1SU) but it seems like there should be a guide or generic instructions somewhere that can help.

I can access the .ics file without a problem. I am trying to get more information about the properties and values that can be used in an .ics file.