Selling websites to my clients


So I have a client here where I’ve been making this static website for him. I got all HTML/CSS files, the pictures and stuff (The whole website).

He already have a domain name with his website wich he is going to replace with the one I gona give him.

Wich ways is there for him to get it on his domain?
Should I upload it to any uploader like rapidshare or whatever and he is himself going to upload it through filezilla?

How do you normally do to your clients?

Get your client to organize a web hosting account, and make sure the new domain name is pointed to that hosting account. Then get the FTP username and password for the hosting account and upload the files for him via FTP.

I don’t understand. Is it possible for you to make it more clearly?

It would be good to spell out what bits you don’t understand. This is pretty basic web design.

The website needs to be hosted somewhere. This is normally something you pay for. There are many web hosts that provide hosting space. This is something your client should pay for, though you can help organize it if you want.

The client also needs a domain name. It should be in the client’s name, and the client should pay for it. When someone types that domain name into a browser, the browser will send out a request for the website’s files. But it has to know where to find those files. Where are they? When you get a web hosting account, you are given important information, including username, password and name server addresses. You need to “point” the domain name to the web hosting account. You do this by logging in to the domain hosting account and typing in the nameservers for the web hosting account. they will look something like

After a day or so, all requests for the domain name will then be sent to the web host, which will then be able to send the files to your browser so that you can view the site. It’s like when you move house. If you don’t tell anyone your address, the postman won’t know where to deliver it.

Once the hosting account is set up and the domain name has been pointed to it, you can enter the hosting account’s username and password and upload the website files to the hosting account.

I understand your client already has an existing website they want to replace with the one you are designing. I have run into this same situation.

What I did was have my client give me the log on name and password for the FTP account. I then went to his existing website with Filezilla and I placed the character “X” as the first character in all of the existing files. This completely disables their existing website. I then upload all the files I designed to their website. Their new website is then available on-line.

However, if they decide they don’t like the new website, all you would have to do is to remove the files you uploaded and remove the “X” characters you added. If they like the new website you can go in and delete all files that start with the character “X”.

This is a very simple and safe way to handle this problem. Your client does not have to get involved with the exception of providing you with the log-on information.

Nice approach. Or why not take all old files and put them in a separate folder and zip it. Short and simple.

So If I connect his website through filezilla.

How do I safety-copy those files or as you said, just make that disablething?

Is there any guide or tutorial for this?

Not sure I know what you mean. If the hosting account allows it, you can choose to transfer them via SFTP, which is more secure. But really, it’s a small matter. Is that what you were asking about?

[FONT=Verdana]You can use Filezilla to download the site to your computer and make a backup. Alternatively, you can right-click each file you want to rename and choose the rename option from the menu.

If the client is using cPanel and you have access to this, you can also rename files through the cPanel file manager. While you could use the file manager to download the files, a better way would be to use the backup facility to do a complete backup of the site, to be restored if need be.

Seriously, though, as ralph.m said, this is all pretty basic stuff. If I were you, I’d get a bit more practical experience before you start working for clients. :)[/FONT]


You need a hosting provider, then you need to use an FTP client like FireZilla. There are hundreds of FTP clients, but this is the main one. This is probably the most basic principle in web design.

Client’s will eat you ALIVE! I would probably get a little more experience before you open the doors to criticism. If you have no choice I recommend going with a hosting provider who has a reseller account so you can sell many accounts. Take a look at HostGator, even though I don’t use them, they will probably be within your budget. Apart from this, I recommend you read up a little more on using CPanel and indeed FTP clients.

Thanks for all answers. Gave me alot.