Selecting values from different rows as one row, when Grouping by another field?

Say I have a table like this:

ID	Guess
1	50
1	30
1	20
2	40
2	35
2	25
3	60
3	15
3	25

With “ID” as an Index.

And I want a query that groups by the “ID”, and returns all the “Guess” values for each “ID” in the same row, like this:

ID	Guess1	Guess2	Guess3
1	50	30	20
2	40	35	25
3	60	15	25

How do I do this?

it is better that you do this in your application language (php or whatever)

Thank you, though for my program I kind of need to do this in SQL.

Is there no way to do this using LEFT JOINs or something like that?

that must be an awfully anemic programming language you’re using

no, you can’t do this with left joins

if you’re on mysql, you could use GROUP_CONCAT, but that will create a single column, not three