Searching for a chat


I just spent an afternoon searching for a chat but couldn’t find across what I need.

My customer wants the following: when the main page of his website comes up he wants to see an opened chat window right in the middle of the screen.
I know they are plenty of scripts around, and I tried quite a few, but most of them are loaded in a corner of a screen and are requiring the visitor needs to click on a button, something my client’s doesn’t want.

This is the idea:

Can you not change the positioning with CSS?

Well i’d advise your client that isn’t generally a good use of their assistant’s time, first of all.

The ‘requiring the visitor to click on a button’ thing is designed to prevent unengaged sessions and limiting bandwidth consumption. Take a snapshot of how many hits your client’s website gets on a single day - including your ‘bounces’, and bots, and…

Then ask your client if they want to dedicate their, or their assistant’s, time to sending those messages to all those non-human and not-interested ‘visitors’.

If the client still says yes, then they’ve had leave of their senses, and i wish you the best of luck; you may want to consider looking into one of those annoy-o-boxes in the corner that fake being a human but are actually a helpdesk program.


Using iframe is what some are suggesting, positioning with CSS could be but I’d rather would like to use one allowing this “out of the box”. I just found one, chaport, where you pass as a parameter the container’s id where you want it to open

Good point, I’ll keep that in mind.

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