Searchable & editable Datagrid

I’m looking for some advice please.
I’m looking to build a datagrid system which will hold a vast amount of data. The data is from an online shop and will essentially be all the order details placed. the data will be coming from a MySQL database and my general scripting choice is php.

I know there are a few systems out there already that do some of the things that I’m looking to achieve here but I wondered if the community on here could give me their opinions of which are the best systems and if there is actually a system out there that can do all of the things I require.

Firstly I need to be able to search the data on every column entry ie , name, order number, postcode etc.

Secondly I need to be able to edit the data as it sits inline.

Ideally I would like the system to autosave the data aswel

Does this exist in one place or can anyone suggest a good start which I can then modify to incorporate all the aspects I require. As always any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

for this I’m using Adobe Flex with a httpservice in PHP. What you want can be made in 2 minutes with Flex :slight_smile: but at the end, you will have a flash object in a html page.