Dynamic editing of sql data using php in html pages

I want to edit the data already present in the database with the user inputs given at html page!! Means dynamic edit option! Can someone help me with this??

You’ll basically need:

  • an opening page that allows your user to select exactly which row in the database table they want to edit. Search page, or “enter a product code” or similar.
  • that will call a short PHP script that returns the results and allows the user to select the one they want.
  • Once you know which row, draw a html form and populate the fields with the existing data.
  • When the user submits that form, another PHP script checks validity of the data, and throws the user back to the form.
  • Once all the validity checks are passed, the row is stored in the database.

Obviously once all that’s done, you can mess around adding Ajax calls to improve how it works, you can perhaps add in-form validation so the user can’t get past a field until it’s got something valid in it (except to hit the ‘cancel’ button, of course) and many other things.

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