Search twitter by demographic?

How can I search twitter to find users of a certain demographic?

There’s no internal tool that does this as Twitter stores very few demographics [that they let you see]. Advertisers get somewhat more access but that’s not related back to the individual account, just the ad’s spread.

However you can find third party tools that mutually associate Twitter handles with other attributes and go from there.

Can someone please direct me to the best tools that “associate Twitter handles with other attributes” ?
Thanks again

There’s no single tool here instead think of the networks that fit your customer base and see if they offer the right sorting and bring in Twitter details as well. For example LinkedIn lists accounts and can be sorted by job type, location, etc. Foursquare by interest.

Or change things entirely and find a data provider with the right demo details and see if they’ve picked up handles as well.

You can search for specific area on twitter by applying this in search bar. For example i want to see the person who tweeted in New York about that they need flyer designer. So i type this in search bar of twitterneed flyer designer near:“New York” within:15km

Thanks for your posting.

Yes, LinkedIn can be sorted, but how do you conatct someone on the list?

“picked up handles” please clarify