Help with searching Twitter

I’m looking for a Personal Trainer to appear in a promotional video.
I’ve placed ads on Craigslist without much success.
I thought that searching Twitter, and then tweeting to a Personal Trainer there, might be an idea.
How would I search for this type of person there?
Is it possible to search in a specific location of the country?
Do I have to follow them to correspond with them once I find them?
How do I correspond with them?

There’s no way to filter who you see in a twitter search, simply what keyword is typed in. Thus you might to think about combinations that reflect both training and results… It’s less likely that a trainer will mention the term “personal trainer” than a client so you may also find who they work with and then back into who they are through twitter @ handles.

Once you’ve identified a potential candidate you’ll need to use your own account to send a short message… Something relevant and inviting perhaps: Hey there <Rob>, saw some of your work and I’m looking for a trainer such as you for a promo video. If you’re interested drop me a line.

If you have more specific needs than just “a trainer” and are looking for a partner or someone to actively endorse a program then you may want to drop the immediate hook and instead talk to them about what they do, their approach, etc and build up a relationship both to see if they’re a fit and to give them a sense of you before you make the ask.

If a personal trainer has used a hash tag then it might pop up when you perform a search for that term that was used with a #hash tag. You can also try some terms that are associated with personal training and trainers as well as the geographical areas that are close to you.

There are various tools, e.g tweetdeck possible, that help you track words that are entered. e.g Booking a personal trainer today.

This will flash up. It’s an online tool I think, check one of my posts regarding the same question…The only one recently with Twitter in the title…

I think dariussutherland is referring to this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your great replies/info.
Would Facebook be a better place to search?
If so, how would I communicate there?
Thanks again.

Have you tried more specialised online communities? There are runners’ communities/forums, and I’m sure there are forums for other kinds of sports. That might be a better bet if you’re looking for a personal trainer or somebody who can recommend one.


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