Search engine optimization tips and tricks?


I need some search engine optimization tips and tricks
because i want to increase my website <snip> rank.

Thank you!!


I’ll give you a few tips :wink:

1 - Post in the right forum. But first search to see if your question has been answered. If it has, you will have a quick and straight answer directly, without having to wait for someone else to answer

2 - If you post in a forum, do read the guidelines. Some forums allow to add links, other don’t. In some others you need to earn that benefit.

3 - If you post anywhere, don’t do it to expose your signature and trying to get a backlink… just post when you have something to say about that topic… people never follow the link of someone who just want to promote himself (and that’s too obvious, they speak nonsense or empty commetns like “how nice”). They may follow the links of someone that proves to have a bit of common sense and intelligence though. As for the search engines… they will give no value to the link anyway. Too many people doing the same.

With these tips, I’m closing the thread and suggest that you visit the Internet Marketing forum. You will have these question and many other answered there :wink: