Same alt text for logo along the site or specific alt for logo on each page?


I am writing the alt of my logo, and doubting whether I should use the same alt for the logo in all the site or a general alt for the index and specific alt text for the logo on each section.

Any clue about it?


By definition, if the logo does not change, the alt text should be the same.


I agree. I’m not sure what purpose OP would have for wanting it to be different. I just don’t think it WOULD serve any real purpose.

That’s what alt text in the other images on the page are for… To point to what’s on the page/subject matter in the image. :confused:

ALT tag used to let search engines know about picture. So if you are using ALT tag for logo then it would be same for all pages.

If you are using one image to multiple page then also you should use same alt tag for that image at every page you use that image. Different alt tags for same image can cause an issue in future.

Change alt tags only if image is different.

The alt attribute is used to let people know the content of the image, if they are unable to view it for whatever reason. This could be because they are visually impaired, because the image failed to load - whatever. The fact that it also allows search engines to better understand the content of the image is an added bonus, not the primary purpose.

See for best practice regarding logos and alt text.


In case the above isn’t enough for you yet: Don’t change the ALT text per page.

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