Safest way to embed non-web fonts

Hi guys,

I am hoping to use a non-web font on my e-commerce store and I was hoping that you could tell me how I would go about this, I am aware of a number of js -based possibilities but I am unsure whether it would be better to use @font-face and allow graceful degradation?

It seems like just using Google Web Fonts is the popular thing to do these days. Check out their [URL=“”]Getting Started guide.

They take care of the cross-browser stuff, too. To best support IE, make sure your font links are in the code before any scripts. You would usually just put it at the top of the page head.

[edit] You do have to use one of their fonts, but the selection is pretty good, so you should be able to find one that’s close to what you want.

Thanks Raw, that’s great, I will check it out right now :wink:

Google Web fonts is by far the one I use the most, but for some production sites I have used (small monthly fee) mostly because the client had picked a font that he/she wanted which wasn’t available on Google Web fonts :>

OK cool thanks but am I right in presuming that with the advent of @fontface and with the decreasing need to support older browsers, all need for JS based font replacement has ceased?