Running apache on ubuntu

Hi All,

I am trying to set up a local development environment. I have apache running on ubuntu. localhost shows the test page, and I think I have installed phpmyadmin, only it’s not at localhost/phpmyadmin.

Any ideas what I have to do to get it to work?


Stupid question maybe, but have you also installed PHP and MySQL?


On the assumption that you’ve installed LAMP (individual daemons, please) correctly, I’d suggest that you check (a) the apache2.conf and php.ini (is this the correct name on a 'nix box?) AND (b) the configuration file in the phpmyadmin conf directory as that’s been a contentious point in WinDoze configurations (and necessary for security reasons).



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Anyway, you’ll have to have your myphpadmin directory within Apache’s htdocs directory OR, as I do, create a VirtualHost (which you can name any way you like, i.e., myphpadmin or mpa or DB (database) or DBM (database manager). I just don’t use localhost to host any files as it’s just too convenient to use VirtualHosts (including a test VH within which I do a lot of testing before moving to the client directories to implement and test before uploading to the production server).



Thanks. dklynn…thats given me a few things to look at, but I might well return with more questions.