Hey, I noticed that in my class the evil corporate users of the world have a GUI @ localhost/myphpadmin, is there no equiv version on the Mac? As I have not seen it thus far… and Well for the fact of the matter, my instructor is clueless when it comes to the Mac

phpMyAdmin runs on a web server. If the user in question has a localhost/myphpadmin, it means they’re running a web host on their local machine.

Mac is completely capable of doing this. XAMPP, for example does a mac client, for those who dont have the technical knowhow to install their own apache/php/mysql setup.

I actually have MAMP, PHP, & MySQL installed on my computer, but my instructor wants us to use the WAMP ver of myphpadmin

There is no ‘WAMP ver of phpmyadmin’. phpMyAdmin is phpMyAdmin. It is a series of webpages that runs on PHP, which in turn runs with Apache, and connects to mySQL (The P,A,and M in your acronym, respectively). As long as your PHP is installed correctly (If you’re using a bundled package like MAMP, it should be), phpMyAdmin should be able to run fine.

So is it a external program that I have to download? I have tried just typing in the localhost/myphpadmin, but the computer tells me there is not such file… secondly, when he started the program he used a “WAMP Sever 2.1” in the tool bar to launch it with…

I understand that the W in WAMP stands for Windows and the M in MAMP stands for Mac, and the AMP stand for the other 3 things

Mac Apache MySQL & PHP. MAMP.
(Sometimes it’ll be AMPP, and include Perl.)

phpMyAdmin go download it, and unzip it to a /myphpadmin directory inside of the webroot (it will probably be a directory called ‘htdocs’, but i’m not certain where MAMP puts its root)


Pressume that is a mistype on the forum ?

As you say WAMP is for Windows and MAMP is for Mac.

I think you had better confirm what was installed and then check out the documentation.

I use XAMPP on Windows and there is a contriol panel to stop and start the server; it may be the same for WAMP or MAMP.

Actually, when you start up MAMP and it brings up the initial “Hey Looks it Works” page, there happens to be a link to myphpadmin that takes me to localhost:8888/MAMP that appears to just what I am looking for. So my initial question was not far off… inside of wamp/mamp there is a link to myphpadmin (just wanted to make sure you where aware of it, incase you come across another stranded user like myself.) =p

Thanks for your suggestion and help other wise!

If you’re planning to install and use phpmyadmin just remember to set access permissions or use a .htaccess file.

You’d be surprised how many databases i found which were not secure via a simple search term on google. One company was selling VERY expensive custom car parts and i could have quite easily redirected entire shipments - i didn’t, i rang them up and told them to get another webdesigner (and explained why).

Well, if I am understanding the whole thing… myphpadmin is imbeded into MAMP some how… but for now, the whole thing is just localized on my hard drive that only connects to the internet at times…

That makes no difference at all. Unless MAMP has contained it in a virtualhost which is restricted to a loopback address or a similar method you should always lockdown access to phpmyadmin because otherwise anyone can access it and do what they want with your data.

That said, if you’re doing this for a class, chances are you’re not loading multimillion dollar company databases onto your system :wink:

True but you should never discourage good habits :wink: