Run live audio

I’m looking to have a live audio stream on my site. What are my options? Are there any plugins or do I need to code something?

Interested in all your suggestions
Many thanks

You didn’t told us which CMS you use… anyway there is a 2 wordpress plugin : Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic and Playerzbr!
If you want a stand-alone script there is a jquery HTML5 Plugins that you can use : OIPlayer jQuery plugin, Speakker HTML5 and SoundManager 2 plugin !


Many thanks for your reply. My cms is wordpress. So all the ones you mention are they for recording say a lesson and streaming it live via the site? Is that possible with these and which option would you recommend, which is the easiest to implement?

Many thanks

I think the Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic will do the trick and it’s more suitable than the flash to avoid the compatibility issues with web browsers… But if i understand you need to Record then stream the audio!? if yes, so you will need to use a stand alone jquery plugin called jRecorder check this Link


thanks for the point in the right direction. I will pursue the one you have recommended and let you know how I get on, poss post the page when completed ( if successfull )
Many thanks

sorry I’m just looking throgh this jquery plugin site.

So once you have your page set up and ready where is the record button accessed from ( i’ll only want myself to be able to recore ) and is it streamed on the page live? Also how is this set with the microphone on the computer? ( i’m guessing this is how you record? with a micrphone on your computer )

Here’s a completely different spin on this…

Why not do a Google hangout? You can stream live, it gets automatically recorded, people can comment during your broadcast, it gets automatically published to YouTube, and you can then take the video, strip out just the audio portion of it using a free tool like AnyVideoConverter, and publish it as an mp3 for those who wish to download it.

And doing a Google hangout brings you a whole lot of Google juice (via Google Plus and YouTube) for your search results.

it sounds like a good suggestion however I’ll be dealing with a group of people that do not have google+ and wouldn’t be very good in operating, I wouldn’t want comments during broadcast either.

With the jRecorder plugin everyone can record and the file is sent on your server, then you have the parameter to add if you want the stream to be automatic or no!? did you check the Install Help page!?

If you need that only you who can Record a voice… so you should check this Link it’s a wordpress plugin… Hope that help !

I would love to see a demo for both the jrecorder and the voice it plug in but both don’t seem to work. Do you know of any working examples?

You can check an examples of jRecoder : Here

For the Wordpress Plugin you can test on The Home Page Itself how it work ! look where there is Download code now | Customize there is a Yellow Block on the Top on it with a Message Attention : In-voice need your microphone to recorder…

I’d like to have a go at the jrecorder. Do you think it’s possible to make a page with this on and wrap a password protect around the record and stream section?
The demo page for the jrecorder confuses me as it’s not styled and doesn’t seem to be showing me what it would look like on a fully working site.
Do you know of anyone who is using this for me to get some inspiration? I’m not fully understanding it at the mo but I’m going to jump in at the deep end and give it a go
also do you know if you can record with it from a mobile?

I think you can do that… the plugin author annonced that a new version is created so why you don’t contact him directly… like that you will get an clear idea if this plugin really suit your needs or no!

ok just an update to this…I am lazy giving how the Jrecorder didn’t make things plan and simple for me I didn’t try hard to make it work. Another reason was that I didn’t know if it would be ideal that it allowed anyone to record and stream. I tried the plugin and that didn’t work either.

I continued to search and I found a script for sale for $13 called LiveEvents. It was easy to install and work but then I realised it only streamed updates / video from places like youtube and chat… It did though have a handy section that allowed you to stream live radio via shoutcast so I set up on shoutcast and got free shoutcast hosting and now I can stream / pre record / live record anything via the flash player / shoutcast stream.

That was the best way i found although I’m sure there are many others, I just couldn’t find many available at all…

Here it is set up Live Events